Flag leaf size and posture of bread wheat: genetic dissection, QTL validation and their relationships with yield-related traits

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Jian Ma,Yang Tu,Jing Zhu,Wei Luo,Hang Liu,Cong Li,Shuiqin Li,Jiajun Liu,Puyang Ding,Ahsan Habib,Yang Mu,Huaping Tang,Yaxi Liu,Qiantao Jiang,Guoyue Chen,Jirui Wang,Wei Li,Zhien Pu,Youliang Zheng,Yuming Wei,Houyang Kang,Guangdeng Chen,Xiujin Lan


Flag leaf size and posture are two important factors of “ideotype” in wheat. Despite numerous studies on genetic analysis of flag leaf size including flag leaf length (FLL), width (FLW), area (FLA) and the ratio of length/width (FLR), few have focused on flag leaf posture including flag leaf angle (FLANG), opening angle (FLOA) and bend angle (FLBA). Further, the numbers of major, environmentally stable and verified genetic loci for flag leaf-related traits are limited. In this study, QTL for FLL, FLW, FLA, FLR, FLANG, FLOA and FLBA were identified based on a recombinant inbred line population together with values from up to ten different environments. Totally, eight major and stably expressed QTL were identified. Three co-located chromosomal intervals for seven major QTL were identified. The five major QTL QFll.sicau-5B.3 and QFll.sicau-2D.3 for FLL, QFlr.sicau-5B for FLR, QFlw.sicau-2D for FLW and QFla.sicau-2D for FLA were successfully validated by the tightly linked Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR (KASP) markers in the other five populations with different genetic backgrounds. A few genes related to leaf growth and development in intervals for these major QTL were predicated. Significant relationships between flag leaf- and yield-related traits were evidenced by analyses of Pearson correlations, conditional QTL and genetic mapping. Taken together, these results provide valuable information for understanding flag leaf size and posture of “ideotype” as well as fine mapping and breeding utilization of promising loci in bread wheat.


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