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Genetic Mapping and a New PCR-based Marker Linked to a Dwarfing Gene in Oat (Avena sativa L.)

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Jun Zhao, Xueqin Tang, Charlene P Wight, Nicholas A Tinker, Yunfeng Jiang, Honghai Yan, Jian Ma, Xiu-Jin Lan, Yu-Ming Wei, Changzhong Ren, Guoyue Chen, Yuanying Peng

Published on the web 07 May 2018.


Short straw is a desired trait in cultivated hexaploid oat (Avena sativa L.) for some production environments. Marker-assisted selection, a key tool for achieving this objective, is limited by a lack of mapping data and available markers. Here, bulked-segregant analysis was used to identify PCR-based markers associated with a dwarfing gene. Genetic analysis identified a monogenic dominant inheritance of one dwarfing gene from WAOAT2132, temporarily designated DwWA. A simple sequence repeat (SSR) marker (AME117) that was already available and a new codominant PCR-based marker (bi17) developed by homologous cloning in the present study were both associated with the dwarfing gene. The two markers were located 21 and 1.2 cM from DwWA, respectively. The bi17 marker was mapped to neighboring SNP markers on chromosome 18D of the oat consensus map. Since Dw6 was previously mapped on chromosome 18, and since our new marker bi17 is also diagnostic for NILs generated for Dw6, there is strong evidence that the dwarfing gene identified in WAOAT2132 is Dw6. The newly-developed markers could find applications in the identification of this gene in oat germplasm and in the fine mapping or positional cloning of the gene.